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Advantages of Dental Tourism in Thailand

Dental tourism in Thailand has become a burgeoning industry because of the high cost of dental treatments in US and many Western European countries. In fact, Thailand is regarded by many as the global leader in dental tourism with million overseas patients travelling to the country to seek high quality dental services at affordable costs. Aside from the beautiful surroundings, the sandy beaches, and the warm nature of Thailand, here are some of the top reasons why most people travel to this country for dental services.

How Much Does Dental Work Cost in Thailand?

Low Cost Dental Care

Cost saving is the most important factor for dental travel in Thailand. Compared to the USA and Europe, dental treatment in Thailand is of equally good quality. But the cost difference is certainly the huge draw for patients travelling from the Western countries. Patients can actually experience a huge cost saving amounting to more than 50%. In fact, the dentists in other developed parts of the world can cost nearly 8 to 9 times as much as a dentist in Thailand would cost.

Additionally, the cost of dental procedures like implants, dentures, dental crowns and root canals in Thailand can be a meager amount compared with costs in the developed nations. It is really attractive to combine high quality dental care with a vacation in Thailand and pay less than what the dental treatment procedure alone would cost in the West.

Quality of Care and Safety

Thai medical profession is one of the most advanced in the Far East. Just because you get dental treatments at cheaper rates in Thailand doesn’t mean you have to settle on lower quality dental care. Thai government recognizes dental tourism in Thailand as an attraction for travelers and therefore works very closely with public health organizations to create guidelines for quality and safety in dental services. The government has also heavily invested in dental equipment and the management principles of many private clinics in Thailand have attained high accreditation.

Dental procedures are usually handled by qualified dentists throughout the country, particularly in Bangkok the capital city. In addition, the dentists in Thailand are well-known for their skills across the globe. Succeeding governments have devoted to the training of Thai dentists, including offering professional training abroad. Also, many dentists have an affiliation with several national and international dental organizations like the Dental Association of Thailand.

Wide-Ranging Dental Treatments

The advancement in dental tourism in Thailand has scaled new heights over time. The dental technologies and techniques used in the country match the best in the world. They offer a broad range of complex dental treatments including dental implants, bridges and crowns, oral surgery, dental veneers, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and so forth. Patients also get the opportunity to choose the available trademark dental implants manufactured by leading companies.

To attract dental tourists, the dentists in Thailand are adopting the most up-to-date technology in addition to lower costs. Innovative dental treatments in Thailand include, All-on-4 fixed hybrid implants, Zygoma implants, immediate dental implants, transparent aligners for teeth misalignment, etc.

Patient-Focused Dental Services

Dental tourism in Thailand adequately caters to international travelers and their dental facilities are designed to provide the best possible individual care for their patients. Thai dental clinics make every effort to provide a trouble-free experience for their dental visitors. They also employ dentists who are fluent in English to eliminate communication problems.

Determined to meet the high demand of dental services, some dental clinics in Thailand have even hired Arabic-speaking staff in order to address the needs of some of their overseas guests. With such consideration to detail, it is evident that Thai dental tourism is striving to provide patient-focused dental care services.

dentists in thailand


Opportunity to Take a Delightful Holiday

Seeking dental care services in Thailand gives you an opportunity to combine a long awaited holiday while getting your teeth fixed. The dental tourism in Thailand usually combines the dentist’s appointments with sightseeing, sunbathing, shopping, snorkeling, skydiving and much more. You also get to enjoy the massages, day spa treatments and the incredibly popular Thai cuisine while you recuperate in a warm and sunny climate. All this come at a considerably reduced cost.

Dental Tourism in Thailand is growing phenomenally. Considering the importance of proper dental care to your health, it is worth taking a trip to the dentist to get the missing tooth replaced without necessarily putting a strain on your budget. In this regard, Thailand dental services can be the ideal solution to all your dental issues.

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