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FoodSpotting Android App Review

Foodies often face the serious problem of finding a good place to eat. People that enjoy eating are constantly looking for the next restaurant, café, or even food truck to please their taste buds and appetite. Now with the FoodSpotting app for the Android, foodies can constantly get updated on the best and tastiest dishes wherever they are. This app is free to download through the Google Play store.

For those of you that are unaware about the FoodSpotting app, it is basically a location based food discovery app. As soon as you launch the app you are asked to sign in either by using Facebook or email.

How to share and find good food with the Foodspotting app

Once you have signed in you can edit your profile and follow your friends and family that are also using this app. When you start exploring foods using this app you are presented with a home screen with various tabs on the upper part of the screen.

First of all is the Specials tab where you can find discounts and specials from various vendors. Next is the Best tab where you can find the all time best dishes such as the best Cheeseburger in your city. After that is the Nearby tab where you are presented with the dishes other people have upload close to your location.

The next tab is the Latest tab where you can go through the latest dishes and meals from your feed. Also there is the Following tab where you can go through the food choices uploaded by your friends and family. Finally is the Me tab where you can go through the pictures of the food and dishes you have uploaded.

The app itself is very simple and stream lined. People will find it very user friendly. For every tab you will be presented a main photo of a dish that you can swipe to the left in order to reveal other dishes. Tapping on the dish will reveal more information about it and where you can also comment on it and even give it a star if you like it.

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