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Best Graphic Wallpaper Designs

Following years of mundane magnolia, graphic wallpaper designs are currently enjoying a much needed renaissance. The most desirable trends fall into two camps, the first references 1970’s chic, in monochrome geometric shapes with a contemporary sensibility. In contrast, the second major trend showcases a color explosion, for those who prefer a more dramatic wallpaper installation in their living space. Both trends can be used to enhance your existing furniture and give any room a conceptual lift.

If you opt for geometric shapes on your walls, the contours of the design can be reflected in the angles of your furniture, be it the curve of your sofas arm or the sharp crisp corners of the coffee table. Match the wallpaper to the elements in your furniture you enjoy most and want to enhance.

Colorful animal prints or those inspired by nature, are not just for the children’s bedroom. Used well, they can bring the beauty of the natural world into your home. The stark angles of modern furniture will be softened by this effect, transforming a room into a less formal environment in which to relax.

For the faint at heart, graphic wallpaper can be found in more subtle hues. These can be blended into your existing color scheme, rejuvenating your five year old furniture without dominating the room. Use pastel shades of blue, pink or lilac in any room, adding color pop soft furnishings to enhance the effect.

Cityscape and London-themed wallpapers are often in monochrome hues, with smaller splashes of color. Generally these architectural panoramas are skillfully drawn by hand. They are a great way to celebrate your love of metropolitan life and bring the buzz of the 2012 Olympics into your living space. This modernist look would work well with equally sleek modern furniture, where it could offer an artistic and decorative twist.

graphic wallpaper designs

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If you prefer not to commit to an entire room of graphic wallpaper, a similar effect can be suggested by creating a feature wall. Choose a wall with either an interesting architectural element, such as a fireplace, or a plain wall where a pattern can flow without interruption. Using coordinating colors, it is then possible to accessorize your existing furniture with throws or cushions, subtly bringing the whole look together.

Choosing the right graphic wallpaper design need not be a chore, search the web for inspiration and request samples to help you make the right choice. Incorporating the right colors and themes into your home will give your existing furniture a new lease of life, without breaking the bank.

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