Famous Thai Durian Fruit

Thai Durian fruit is something of an enigma, its appearance is somewhat frightening and its taste strangely exotic. There are few fruits in the world that are larger than the Durian and few that will look as menacing and hard as its spiky hedgehog appearance suggests. It also has an offensive odor and some would describe it as somewhat gross or fetid in pungency.

There are only a couple of fruits (breadfruit and jack fruit) that are larger than the Durian and it is a fruit that is more likely to be enjoyed by locals than tourists, as it would seem to have an acquired taste. However, it may have an offensive smell but its taste often delights and subsequently will surprise you. The fruit is described by some as the king of all fruits and one to savor.

Thai Tropical Fruit Season

The Durian fruit comes out in May, June and July and some tourists have been known to visit Thailand specifically during these months just to taste the exotic fruit as it blooms and ripens. But the Durian is not to everybody’s’ taste, in some hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya hotel management have banned the fruit from being displayed or consumed on the premises as some of the tourists are known to act offensively towards the foul smell.

Durian Banned in Hotels

It may sound odd that this king of fruits is somehow banned in the same way as a hotel would treat drugs or illicit women but such is the controversy surrounding this fruit of controversial yet famous fruit. Yet the Durian still has many fans and some who taste and enjoy this exotic fruit often wish they had the chance to have tried it many years earlier. Some urge people to overlook the first sour taste and get used to the flavor as it has an acquired taste, similar to a whiskey or bourbon would have.

Image of Durian fruit. This is of a high quality Thai Durian. There are several grades of quality, with texture a critical component.

Different Strains of Fruit

Once you combat the initial shocking taste it can turn out to be a flavor you will adore and enjoy and not all durian fruits have the same strong exotic odor. Durian fruits come in different sizes, each with a differing sense of smell and sweetness, rather like an orange comes in different strains (tangerines, satsumas etc).

Many years ago in Thailand the durian fruit was sold as whole and it was difficult for market shoppers to know how this particular fruit tasted. They had to listen to the market stall holder and go by their recommendation, now the fruit is sold in cut and portioned form and enjoyed by many Thai people.

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