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QuickPic Android App Review

Nowadays the smartphone is more than just a communication device. Most smartphones sold in the market today come with various features including digital cameras. It has even come to a point that most people do not even bother to use their traditional point and shoot digital cameras since they have their smartphone cameras. Other than that a large number of people such as bloggers feel that using their smartphone camera is much more efficient for their work.

If you are familiar with the Android operating system you will also know that the native photo and video gallery app for most Android smartphones is not the most user friendly or efficient. The typical native gallery app for most Android smartphones is also irritatingly slow. Not to mention the countless bugs that are apparent in these gallery apps.

With the QuickPic Android app you won’t have to worry about viewing the photographs you have taken on your smartphone. The QuickPic app is a simple and straightforward gallery viewing app. When users download this app they will also notice how fast this app is. Users can select from four different viewing types for their gallery. These viewing styles include the Default Gallery, Grid, List and Explore. You can choose a viewing style according to your preferences.

Another great feature of this app is that you can also share photos and videos directly from this app. This feature makes it simple to share your photos through text, email and even social networking. So for those of you that enjoy taking picture and videos with your smartphone we definitely recommend QuickPic so you can easily and efficiently go through the memories and events that you have captured. The QuickPic app for Android is one of the best gallery apps available in the Google Play store today.

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