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The Best Tank for Your Truck: 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide


This guide is right here to aid you to identify what type Best Tank for Your Truck, whether you need an auxiliary container for expanding your range, a transfer storage tank for loading your tools in the area or simply a bigger capability manufacturing facility substitute gas storage tank.

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First of all, let’s discuss what each sort of gas storage tank does:

Transfer containers are a remote fueling service, they are an essential for your truck if you are running any kind of sort of devices out in the area, as they keep you from the significant hassle of needing to trailer your devices to the closest fuel station to fill.

Supporting tanks are a method of extending the variety of your truck, by including an additional tank that feeds right into your truck’s factory storage tank, you can enormously raise fuel capacity.

Higher-capacity storage tanks are a replacement for your vehicles factory storage tank, these aftermarket containers make the most of extra area under the bed of your truck to increase capability and extend your driving variety.

Form Aspects

There are a couple of different styles to pick from when purchasing a transfer container, some are specifically developed for greater ability, some for the least size influence (slim rectangle storage tanks), as well as others have built-in functions like lockable bed tool kits.

We will certainly go through the various styles as well as contrast the most effective options from each category, to ensure that you can select the one that fits your use best.

1.  Lund 73750 Black 50-Gallon Full-Mid Size Vertical Liquid Storage Tank

Use of the LUND 50-Gallon Full Size Medium Vertical Liquid Tank is suggested for building and farming projects. This tank comes equipped with mounting tabs and baffles to ensure consistent fluid flow, and it may be used with LUND cross-bed boxes of any size. If you need an extra fuel tank, don’t use this one; it’s not designed for transporting gasoline or other dangerous chemicals. That doesn’t work because it doesn’t conform to DOT regulations. This piece is constructed from 14 gauge steel and finished in black. It has dimensions of 60 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 12 inches in height (H).

The LUND 50-Gallon Full Medium Vertical Liquid Tank is supported by 30 years of knowledge and the LUND brand. LUND is a top auto accessory provider because their products are practical, high-performing, protective, and aesthetically pleasing for a wide range of vehicles, including pickups, SUVs, CUVs, vans, and passenger cars. Products like hood guards, running boards, floor coverings, external accessories, storage boxes, bed covers, grilles, and more are sold by LUND through national shops, warehouse distributors, and internet merchants.

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Product information
  • Brand: Lund
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 60 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Item Weight: 76 Pounds
  • Black, 14-gauge steel, 50-gallon rectangular liquid storage tank
  • Full-Size LUND Cross Bed Boxes Fit In, Making This an Ideal Construction or Agricultural Vehicle
  • Storage Tank for Fluids, 50 Gallon Capacity, 14-Guage Steel, Black Finish
  • Do Not Use As A Secondary Fuel Tank To Transport Gasoline Or Other Flammable Fluids

2. VEVOR Portable Diesel Tank, 116 Gallon Capacity

VEVOR 116-Gallon Portable Diesel Tank with 12V Electric Transfer Pump, Polyethylene Diesel Transfer Tank for Convenient Fuel Transportation, Red. This portable diesel tank is built to last out in the field thanks to its polyethylene construction. The tank can be moved safely and efficiently thanks to its forklift pockets and groove. Also, the 12V transfer pump can transfer 10 gallons of fuel per minute, making it the best option for quickly refueling without risking contamination to your equipment.


Product information:
important Characteristics

Fabricated from Polyethylene, The high-quality polyethylene used to make the 116-gallon portable diesel tank provides exceptional protection against mechanical damage and corrosion. Such high-quality components provide dependable use for years.

Cost of Insurance Plans

High-quality materials were used to create the diesel fuel tank. It has a mechanical clock gauge, a lockable lid, an electric line that is 13.1 feet long, battery clamps, and two pressure release valves. The combination of these ideas will provide productive and safe workplaces.

12-Volt Adapter Transfer Pump

The gasoline transfer pump operates on 12 volts, and can transfer 10 gallons of fuel per minute. With our products, you can fill up your tank much more quickly than with competing pumps.

Indicator Nozzle

When the tank is full, diesel flow is immediately shut off by the nozzle, avoiding spillage and waste. The tank can be filled in a matter of minutes simply by opening the clip.

Safe and Simple Motion

The forklift pockets and two grooves make transporting the tank safe and simple. With the tank’s integrated forklift pockets and simple lifting grooves, transporting it when it’s full is a breeze.

  • Model: WC3LKL2M116
  • Capacity: 116 Gallon
  • Flow Rate:10 GPM
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Transfer Pump: 12V
  • Hose Length: 13.1 ft/ 4 m
  • Color: Red
  • Item Weight: 101.4 lbs/ 46 kg

3.  Ideal Gas Storage Tank Tool Kit Combination

If you do not currently have a bed toolbox and you’re seeking something that can store your devices as well as tools, a gas storage tank as well as tool box combination is probably the best fit for your demands. These boxes incorporate the flexibility of having the gas on-hand for your equipment, as well as also the devices that you require to do the job out in the field.

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  • Low profile style functions well with fifth-wheels
  • Built-in baffles decrease gas sloshing during transport
  • Rust-free aluminum building protects fuel from contamination
  • Sight scale permits you to quickly identify fu
  • Total Measurements L x W x H (in.): 55 + 2-in. (tabs) x 20 + 1-in. (tabs) x 19in

4. Dee Zee DZ91753 (106 gallon) Rectangle Transfer Tank 

Transporting non-explosive liquids is easy and secure using Dee Zee Transfer Tanks. Durable and well-made thanks to the use of thick gauge Shiny, lightweight aluminum. Key weld pressure areas can be avoided with a radius curve’s design. All tanks come with a locking lid, a 3/8″ drainage plug, a venting coupler, and three stability baffles. Tanks are for individual use only (non-commercial). This gasoline system is not intended to be used as a backup system. Using with gasoline is not recommended. Does not comply with the transportation regulations set forth in United States Code Title 49.
Product information
  • Brand DEE ZEE
  • Material Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 52 x 27 x 26 inches
  • Item Weight 95 Pounds
  • Capacity 106 Gallons, 110 Gallons
Details of the Item:
  • The 0.125-inch Brite-Tread aluminum radius curve is corrosion-resistant and removes stress points at welds.
  • Venting Cap and Coupler Included.
  • Capacity, 110 gallons Rectangular Storage Space, 48″L x 24″W x 24″H
  • Mounting Tabs To Secure To The Truck Bed

5. RDS 74026Pc – Combo Fuel Transfer Tank More

Diesel fuel and other noncombustible liquids can be transferred from a pickup truck’s bed to remote or heavy equipment using a special aluminum tank made for the purpose. A storage compartment sits atop the unit’s transfer tank. Diesel installation packages are also available. (sold separately). U.S.A.
Product information:
  • Brand RDS MFG INC
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 48 x 20 x 19 inches
  • Item Weight 88 Pounds
  • Country of Origin ‎USA
  • Item model number ‎74026
  • Tank 100% pressure tested and submerged to test for leaks
  • Fully welded seams
  • Heavy-duty aluminum mounting bracke

6. Jobox Delta 486000 37 Gallon White Vertical Steel Liquid Transfer Tank for Trucks

The 37-Gallon Vertical F-N-T Ready Transfer Tank Truck Box is Constructed of Delta White Steel. The 14-gauge metal used in Capacity’s construction ensures that it will last for years. During transport, the contents are kept from shifting around thanks to the interior baffles that support the sturdy construction. Leaks in the tanks’ pressure systems are checked. All tanks are put through a pressure test to ensure they don’t leak. Use it from either side with ease thanks to the 2 inch reinforced bungs; a filtration system is suggested. When the tank is empty, the lifting rings are used to help transport it. The coupler and filler cap can be locked to keep pressure from building up. The tank is fastened to the truck bed by heavy-duty brackets, and the brackets themselves must be secured to the truck bed.

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Product information:
  • Brand Jobox
  • Color White
  • Material Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 60 x 24 x 19 inches
  • Item Weight 97 Pounds
  • Created to store and transport a wide variety of liquids
  • Designed to last, with 14-gauge reinforced steel structure.
  • In four handy forms
  • Model 48050’s steel storage tanks are covered in a shiny, tread-plate aluminum exterior.
  • Added sturdiness from central baffles that are full length. Bungee cords and a 2″ NPT reinforced bungee ring add security.
  • A secure cap and connecting coupler make it possible to vent to the outdoors.
  • Pair with Delta Crossovers to make adaptable.

7. DEE ZEE DZ92556NSB Transfer Tank

Transporting non-explosive liquids is easy and secure using Dee Zee Transfer Tanks. Made of steel with a rust-inhibiting powder coat coating called NRT (No Rust Technology) black. Key weld pressure areas can be avoided with a radius curve’s design. Includes a locking lid, 3/8″ drainage plug, and a vented coupler in addition to stability baffles and a cap. The sole purpose of private use tanks (non-commercial). Cannot be used as a backup fuel source. Do not mix with gas. Does not conform to part 49 of the Federal Register of the United States.


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Specialty Series Transfer Tank Features:
  • Protective Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Heavy-Duty 14-Gauge Steel
  • Radius Curve Eliminates Weld Pressure Points
  • Includes Cap and Coupler For Venting
  • 3 Stability Baffles and Drain Plug
  • Mounting Tabs To Secure To The Truck Bed
  • Volume: 39 Gallon Capacity
  • Skinny Rectangle – L: 59.5″ x W: 9″ x H: 19″
Product information:
  • Heavy Duty 14-Gauge Steel \sRadius Curve Eliminates Weld Pressure Points
    5 Stability Baffles and Drain Plug \sMounting Tabs to Secure to the Truck Bed \s42 Gallon Capacity
  • Transporting non-flammable liquids is made easy and secure with this method. The transportation of fluids requires careful attention to avoid potentially fatal surges.
  • Built to last with a sturdy steel frame and a powder-coated black finish. The critical welding places have been eliminated thanks to the use of a radius curve design, so the product is both sturdy and practical.
  • With its three stability baffles, the Transfer Tank mitigates the sloshing and surging of fluids during transfer.
  • Tank draining and venting are simplified by a.375″ drainage bung and a venting coupler, and added security is provided by a locked cap.

8. UWS TT-100-COMBO 100 Gallon Combo Aluminum Transfer Tank

The UWS 100 Gallon Combo Aluminum Transfer Tank is a robust container for transporting noncombustible fluids to nearby cars and machinery. The truck bed area is not sacrificed since optional chests connect to the tanks. A liquid tank and storage chest are combined in this transfer tank.

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Product information
  • Brand Uws
  • Color Aluminum
  • Material Plastic
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 60.5 x 31.5 x 24.5 inches
  • Item Weight 160 Pounds
Product Description
  • The Offset Hinge is constructed so that the lid can be opened without rubbing against the front of the tank. Discordant with the DEF system. Sulfur Dioxide Combustion Fluid
  • The patented fully foamed lid acts as a strong barrier between the outer aluminum layers, reducing the likelihood of bending or warping.
  • The stainless steel construction of the paddle handle lock increases the lock’s durability, safety, and resistance to corrosion over time.
  • The Vented Cap and Mounting Flanges are of Commercial Quality, allowing for the Safe Ventilation of Non-Combustible Liquids.
  • Protecting the locking mechanism of the box from the contents by enclosing the connecting rods.
  • Supporting large loads, absorbing tool drops, and preventing leaks, the fully welded one-piece tub is built for industrial use.

9. Fill-Rite FR4210G Gas Transfer Pump, Telescoping Suction Pipe, 12′ Distribution Hose Pipe, Handbook Launch Nozzle – 12 Volt, 20 GPM

It includes a 1″ x 12′ discharge hose, a 1″ manual nozzle, a 34″ telescoping steel suction pipe, an 18′ 12 GA power cable, a 1″ street elbow, ground wire, (2) wire nuts, and a roll of PTFE tape. The FR4210H is a 12V 20 GPM fuel transfer pump. The fuels that can be pumped with it include standard gasoline, diesel, kerosene, ethanol blends up to 15%, methanol blends up to 15%, and biodiesel blends up to B20. All of our fuel transfer pumps are built using Rotary Vane Technology to ensure reliable flow performance throughout their service lives. This device is built to last, with sturdy cast-iron construction and an upgraded on/off switch that can withstand the elements. The junction box is 180 degrees rotatable, making it simple to run wires even in confined areas.
Product details
  • Brand Fill-Rite
  • Fit Type Universal Fit
  • Vehicle Service Type Truck
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 18 x 18 x 11 inches
  • Material Alloy Steel, Iron
  • Item Weight 34 Pounds
  • Sturdy actors iron pump real estate developed to hold up against the damage of rough operating atmospheres
  • With the ability of providing a suction lift of as much as 6.5′ (diesel); Built-in strainer
  • -1/ 4 hp DC electric motor @ 2,600 RPM offers approximately 37′ of discharge head
  • -20 amp draw (optimum) with a 30 minute obligation cycle
  • Thermal overload protection avoids electric motor from overheating throughout unusual usage
Gravity Feed Accessory Tank Install

Gravity feeding is the most basic way to have your truck’s container filled up from your in-bed auxiliary/transfer tank.

Essentially all you need to do in order for this to work is to connect a tiny refill pipe from the accessory storage tank right into your major truck storage tank’s gas filler tube.

The most convenient way to get this done is with a set up set. The kit comes with the gas filler hose pipe T fitting as well as a length of hose pipe to link to your aux tank. It additionally has a valve to block the feed when not needed.

Depending on where you tie right into the filler pipe, you can typically leave the valve on constantly and fill your truck from your transfer container, which will certainly subsequently instantly feed into the major fuel tank.

Best gravity feed mount set:

10. RDS MFG INC 11025 Diesel Install Kit

As an added bonus, most RDS transfer tanks also supply emergency fuel. In order to meet your requirements, RDS provides a wide variety of tanks in a variety of sizes and capacities. There are auxiliary tanks that hook up to your car’s main gas tank. The RDS tank’s bottom allows for “gravity loading” of diesel fuel.

RDS Diesel Engine Mounting Kit for Extra Fuel Tanks, Version #11025, 1999-2012 Dodge, 2011 Chevrolet, GMC, and 1999-2012 Ford. provides an extensive selection of tanks Variable in size and capacity to meet your specific requirements

In order to connect an RDS tank to an OEM gasoline tank in an easy and cost-effective manner, a Diesel Installation Kit is available as an add-on. You can use an electric fuel pump to get gasoline from the top of the tank, and that’s fine.

Product Description:
  • Manufacturer: ‎RDS MFG INC
  • Brand: ‎RDS MFG INC
  • Item Weight: ‎1.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎10 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA.
  • RDS has a wide variety of tanks available in a range of sizes to meet your requirements.
  • Any additional gasoline must be pumped into the tank from the top with an electric fuel pump.
  • Permits the use of an electric fuel pump to take gas from the top of the tank and fill an auxiliary fuel tank.

Choosing Container Products

Light Weight Aluminum Vs. Steel Comparison

Finding out which material is best for your new storage tank exceeds exactly how it looks as well as what is prices. The biggest deciding variable will certainly be exactly how you intend to make use of the thing. Will you be the operator that is out in the field with his excavation devices running all the time? Or do you just mean to use it for smaller jobs, like refilling a back-up generator that only runs throughout grid downtime? These distinctions in usage can make or damage selecting aluminum over steel, or vice versa.

Option 1– Aluminum:

Light weight aluminum transfer storage tanks use a metal that doesn’t rust. Ever. This means that the beyond your storage tank will constantly look excellent being in the bed of your vehicle. Rust is bad however, actually negative, and also for even more reasons past simply exactly how the beyond the tank looks. Among things that rusted steel does is it flakes apart into tiny little pieces. As you can visualize, tiny little flakes of rust in gas are terrible for your tools’s gas system. No one intends to invest their evenings switching out fuel filters.

There are a pair various alternatives for exterior container styles, if you respect that sort of point. You can normally locate aluminum storage tanks in two primary designs, made from stamped sheet. Usually you can get them in the classic polished silver diamond plate pattern, or with a durable black powdercoat finish.

Best part is, by choosing light weight aluminum you never ever need to worry once more about corrosion oxidation. These containers are excellent for sturdy use on a daily basis, as part of any task website procedure. And as an incentive, they likewise keep fuels from ending up being unusable throughout those lengthy voids in fill-up times.

Choice 2– Steel:

Steel transfer storage tanks have actually constantly looked a bit extra rugged to me. They’re constructed out of thicker steel than aluminum storage tanks, typically causing container walls that consume to 14-gauge steel.

Steel storage tanks require a finishing for the exterior of the container, for protection from the elements, and to prevent corrosion. On any kind of good steel storage tank, you will certainly locate that a durable powder covering procedure is usually used to provide the beyond the tanks a longer long-term surface. They can be had usually in black or white as typical shades.

This is an issue if the container kicks back still for extended periods of time without movement, however if you drive your truck around alot, it ends up being less of a concern, because driving will certainly slosh the gas around the tank and coat the withins.

So think of just how you fit into these use classifications while you check out the alternatives listed below, it’s a vital selection to take into consideration when taking a look at any type of sort of fuel storage tank.

Likewise to take into consideration: some of the containers out there will work just great for on private property or farm use, but there are DOT guidelines to think about for gas tanks that are made use of for industrial procedures.

Baffling is one more factor that is essential to try to find in any gas container, these interior structures maintain the gas from sloshing about during transportation as well as are a need for DOT accreditation.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Which, steel or aluminum, performs better in a fuel tank?

Aluminum tanks are durable enough for regular use and will prevent liquids from going bad if you need to go longer between refills. Steel Transfer Tanks offer an affordable price and the sturdy look you’d expect from 14-gauge steel.

Q. Should we be using metal fuel tanks instead of plastic ones?

When compared to other materials, steel tanks are more porous and can hold more fuel without leaking. You can also expect them to have a PZEV certification. But they are more heavier than the plastic alternatives due to their steel construction. Steel tanks require more energy to transport the same volume of liquid as their plastic counterparts.

Q. What are the regulations for upgrading my truck’s fuel capacity?

Indeed, you may. In order to break the Cannonball record, the previous holder had fuel cells installed in the Mustang’s trunk and passenger tanks.

Q. Can I put gas in a transfer tank?

Will it be legal for me to utilize your gas tanks? Our aluminum fuel tanks are built to last and exceed all standards for storing gas, kerosene, methanol, and diesel. Our aluminum fuelling tanks are widely used by the government at the present time.

Q. Has anyone ever heard whether aluminum ruined gas?

The data shows that aluminum and fiberglass fuel tanks have greater safety and durability concerns due to the rising usage of ethanol in gasoline. Tanks made of aluminum, a highly conductive metal, rely on the protective oxide layer formed on their surface to prevent corrosion.

Q. I was wondering if stainless steel gasoline tanks were a good idea.

Stainless steel fuel tanks are preferable to mild steel or alloy tanks because they are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and impact. Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion is superior to that of aluminum or mild steel.

Q. I was wondering if aluminum would corrode in diesel.

Static immersion testing was used by Fazal et al. (2010) to evaluate corrosion in diesel and palm biodiesel vs aluminum (99% commercially pure). However, biodiesel was found to cause more pitting corrosion in aluminum than diesel.


We wish this summary has actually helped you to narrow down your choices for adding a Best Tank for Your Truck. As always, if there are any kind of questions or comments that you have, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reviewing and Don’t forget to read more great posts at the site

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