Best Blue Black Hair Dye

The Best Blue Black Hair Dye in 2024

The mix of dark black with blue appearances quite complementary and mystical. You can just choose this color if you have a daring side you intend to show off. In addition to that, every turn of your blue black head catches the light. For that matter, what is the Best Blue Black Hair Dye?

There are many ways to incorporate blue colors. These colors include navy blue, royal blue, midnight blue, and so on. As well as they fuse quite well with black hair dyes. Keep in mind that lighter blue tones of blue black hair dye look far better on darker complexion. When it comes to the darker blue black version, it looks very complementary on a lighter or light skin tone.

Whatever the instance, below are the leading 16 blue black hair dyes you may intend to take right into some severe consideration.

The Best Blue Black Hair Dye in 2024

Here are the products that Shop has tested and tested very carefully to introduce to you. Please read the article carefully and make the right choice. Thank you for reading this article

1. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream, BL21 Blue Black

The Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème collection contains as many as 45 various shades. If you do not think me, simply click the Amazon product page and also see it for yourself. So if blue black hair is your thing, then you’re highly likely to fall for the results of Garnier’s 22 Intense Blue Black color.

This shade crème, no doubt, has the capacity to nurture your stunning hair making use of avocado oil, shea oil, and olive oil. These triple oils belong of the after-color conditioner and also they seal in moisture to give you smooth, nourished, and soft hair.

Then there’s fruit oil concentrate in the form of beneficial grapeseed fruit oil ampoule. You can put this straight into the mix. What the active ingredient does is permeate deep into your hair fibers for nutrients and conditioning. Which leads the way for a much better, root-to-tip, and also longer-lasting color.

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Intensely Nourishing Hair Color:  Nutrisse Ultra Color is developed with color enhancing technology and a blend of three fruit oils: avocado, olive, and shea; to provide hair color deep, permanent enhancement, even on dark hair.

Permanent Hair Dye:  Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color Cream, which contains grape seed and avocado oil, comes in a complete hair dye set and conditions hair while coloring with a rich, non-drip crème consistency.

Inspired by nature: Garnier offers a comprehensive range of products for your hair and skin care needs, including shampoos, styling and color care products, as well as cleansing, moisturizing formulas, and skin healing.

2. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color, Natural Blue Black

Every Revlon Colorsilk creation is ammonia-free as well as supplies full grey hair coverage. Also this Natural Blue Black shade. As well as just like the others, the present choice also includes the brand name’s exclusive Shade Gel modern technology. It’s what produces that natural-looking abundant and multi-tonal color.

The blue black color seems multi-dimensional as well as really all-natural. You can also expect the dye to last for a long period of time. Revlon ensures that the sparkle you obtain leaves your hair in a healthier problem.

What’s outstanding here is the incorporation of UV defense. Not many hair dyes are enhanced similar to this. Which describes exactly how the color looks so vivid as well as dimensional.

There’s no chance you will not be pleased with the Natural Blue Black shade by Revlon. It covers all grays and also makes the hair shiny without adding any unpleasant or pungent smell.

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Revlon 3D Color Gel Technology provides natural-looking, multi-tonal color from root to tip, not only brightening but also giving definition and dimensions to your hair. UV Defense is added to help keep color vivid, dimensional, and true.
Revlon 3D Color Gel Technology offers natural, rich, multi-tonal color with 100% gray coverage and no ammonia.
Long-lasting, natural-looking color and gloss that improves the condition of hair.

3. L’Oreal Paris Superior Choice Hair Color 2BL Black Sapphire

Is this really the Superior Choice? Of course! And that’s since the brand is none aside from L’Oreal Paris. This long-term hair shade delivers remarkable luminance as well as shine that lasts for a very long time.

However things that makes the hair shade a “superior choice” is the combination of shine system and also fade-defying color. The former includes a UV filter, Vitamin E anti-oxidants, and also gold camelina oil. It’s what makes your hair silky smooth. Then the fade-defying action takes place for nearly 8 weeks. Which’s feasible due to the incorporation of hi-tenacity dyes.

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Since 1973, Superior Preference hair color kits have been the gold standard in hair colors; there are over 50 hues to pick from L’Oreal gold traditional hair shades are uniquely combined to give a multi-dimensional color. Without a doubt, each Superior Preference option is expertly created for long-term results. Every hair dye solution also includes a conditioner, which helps to maintain the vibrancy of the color as well as the sheen and silky smoothness of the hair. thus you may discover the ideal hue for you, ranging from dazzling red to calm ash blond to deepest black

Superior Preference Permanent Hair Dye Kit: Look no further for magnificent, fade-resistant hair color with dimension; pair gel hair dye recipe with Care Supreme Conditioner with Shine Serum to help maintain color vibrancy and create silk and shine.

L’Oreal Permanent Hair Color: L’Oreal Paris Hair Color is available in a variety of formulations and styles to provide long-lasting color, including fade-resistant Superior Preference, bold, trendy Feria, and gray-coverage Excellence Crème.

Long-Lasting Hair Color: Get gorgeous color with L’Oréal Paris hair color, including permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary hair color, as well as root cover up. Cover gray hair, highlight it, go bold with a bright color, or even experiment with an.

4. L’Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Hair Color, 2B Blue Black

What is the very best blue black hair color with the most effective tint in it? The answer to this concern is the item I’m presently reviewing. L’Oreal’s ammonia-free 2B Blue Black Crème Gloss Hair Color improves the all-natural color of your hair. It counters dullness just by making your hair appearance glossy and also glossy.

In the formula, there’s pomegranate and royal jelly. Ever become aware of such a combination in hair shades prior to? L’Oreal chose to include these 2 amazing components for sealing in the glossy shade. They leave your hair looking shiny and also sensation silky smooth.

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Allow me give your attention that this is a non-permanent blue black hair dye. 28-30 hair shampoos and also the shade leaves your hair. Yet while it belongs of your gorgeous hair, expect results like deep nourishment. It gets rid of your grey hair and doesn’t leave also a solitary visible root.

When it comes to L’Oreal’s conditioning treatment, it’s improved with pomegranate as well as royal jelly as I currently informed you. So there’s an entire lots of anti-oxidants packed in below.

Ultimately, I would just like to state that the blue black shade looks spectacular. Also the blue tint that remains in your hair for at the very least a week!

5. Clairol Nice’N Easy Hair Color 2BB Blue Black

You recognize you can create expert, salon-quality tones and highlights in a single, simple action right here. That’s the elegance of Clairol’s Color Blend innovation. This Nice’N Easy Hair Color covers all your grays with the help of corresponding highlights along with lowlights.

The irreversible 2BB Blue Black shade lasts for 8 whole weeks. It’s geared up with ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss for securing the extreme sparkle as well as stunning shade.

A few of you may cherish the fact that the formula is gentle and does not generate any kind of allergies. The innovative hair color active ingredient, ME+ molecule is made use of. So those allergic to hair dyes can feel confident knowing that this special formula doesn’t trigger negative responses. At the exact same time, it does not compromise the outcomes.

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Color Blend technology creates 3 salon tones and highlights in 1 simple step, covering 100% of grays with complimentary highlights and lowlights for a realistic effect.
Purchase permanent black hair color that will last up to 8 weeks.
One application kit for hair color: Expert gloves, Color Blend Formula, Color Blend Activator, CC Plus Color Seal Conditioner
It can last up to 8 weeks.
Complete gray covering
ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss is included to help seal in gorgeous color and strong shine. The fragile flower aroma is similar to a cherry in addition to the cake. And in terms of application, you’re bound to value the non-drip formula. It stays on the hair as well as doesn’t run down your neck. As well as you’ll be only pleased with the results also!

6. Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color Kit, Blue Black 2BB Blueberry Creme

I like words “keratina” used in the product title. When it concerns hair, keratin plays a significant function. What is does is smooth down cells that overlap for creating hair strands. Hair cuticles absorb keratin to look shiny and complete. Keratin is also extremely reliable at lowering the frizz of curly hair. It makes your hair look right as well as it also makes the job of styling hair less complicated.

So it’s just a big advantage that the existing blue black hair color is infused with keratin. It’s a non-permanent, ammonia-free formula that includes a conditioner enriched with coconut oil. Leave it on for just 20 minutes and afterwards wash your hair, which is not such a taxing or annoying job incidentally. And also the outcomes appear rather dark.

Post-application you can use the conditioner for some much-needed hydration. The coconut oil in below smoothens all frizz as well as coarseness. So your blue black hair really feels glossy and silky.

Check-Price: on Amazon

Color: 2BB Blue Black/Blueberry Crème
Brand: Clairol
Item Form: Cream
Full Cure Time: 20 Minutes
Rich shade, excellent insurance coverage, and smooth, super-healthy hair structure; that’s the kind of outcomes I was talking about earlier.

7. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Permanent Hair Dye, 1BB Midnight Muse Blue Hair Color

The Sassoon London Luxe collection by Vidal contains several ultra-vibrant, fashion-forward tones. And each shade is crafted keeping hair salon knowledge in mind. You obtain 8 whole weeks of professional-quality hair color. Every shade is combined for calibrating the ideal mix of pigments. The very same can be stated regarding the 1BB Twelve O’clock At Night Muse Blue.

So if you’re daring adequate to attempt a midnight blue hair dye on black hair, this should be your go-to selection. It covers all your grays, no doubt. And, rather surprisingly, the shade lasts for a much longer time than expected.

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If you ask me, the hair color provides you the ideal outcomes that aren’t also dark nor are they too light. It doesn’t order, which is excellent information if you don’t want the shade to look overpoweringly solid. And the hair shade also creates a healthy shade. Also the application component of the work is drip-free, hence mess-free.

Get bold, beautiful permanent hair color created by Vidal Sassoon color professionals to calibrate the right pigment combination, resulting in bold, beautiful color that lasts.
Intense colors give you the trendy, fashion-forward style you want without the need for a salon appointment.
Up to 8 weeks of salon-quality midnight blue color is provided by this simple at-home solution.
Vidal Sassoon VS Hydra Block Color Preserving Conditioner is included in the kit to help prevent fade out and keep your color vivid. having three applications

Just How to Get Blue Black Hair?

It’s not as easy as using heaven black or simply blue hair shade for accomplishing the wanted outcomes. You could assume it is. However the what’s what is that you need to bleach your hair and then dye it. Specifically if you want that daring hair shade to last for a longer time!

Start by Whitening Your Hair

I very recommend lightening first if your hair shade is dark. Only then can you expect the blue black shade to show up precisely. You need to lighten your hair before you dye it. This indicates you can miss whitening if your present hair shade is currently light.

When bleaching, make sure to consist of light weight aluminum foil for balayage. The light weight aluminum foil maintains the shade from entering into your all-natural hair.

Also, do not fail to remember to problem your hair deeply. Hydrated and also well-nourished hair always generate much better outcomes. Keep that in mind.

After That Dye Your Hair

The initial step here involves securing your skin. You do not want the hair dye ahead in direct contact with the skin. So to avoid that, apply a bit of petroleum jelly to the scalp. It removes the possibility of polluting as well as staining.

It goes without saying, use gloves. Also, consist of an apron as well as make certain to put on old clothes for avoiding stains.

Every hair dye features its own set of instructions. So follow them correctly. If you desire to use the hair color on your head totally, then start at the end and function your means up to the roots.

Sectioning parts of the hair with the aid of clips is also a very valuable method. However, for highlighting, make use of foiling paper to maintain the rest of the hair away from the color.

When you apply the dye, cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave the shade for the time pointed out in the directions. As soon as that time lapses, rinse your hair with chilly water. I say chilly water because it locks in all the color. Then shampoo plus problem your hair. And that’s about it.

Choosing a Good Blue Black Hair Dye

It do without saying that hair is very delicate and highly susceptible to damages, right? Not surprising that a lot care as well as caution enter into picking the right hair care and elegance items. When you pick the incorrect or a low-grade dye, what you’re doing is inviting hair damage as well as damage. So right here’s exactly how you can avoid such a misfortune …


The majority of hair dyes are packed with chemicals. But that doesn’t mean you can not discover even more all-natural and also more secure options. These consist of ammonia-free formulas. Lots of blue black hair dyes I have actually evaluated have natural components with no amount of ammonia as well as even alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in them.

Non-Drip Formulas

The entire experience turns sour when there’s hair color trickling down your neck and face and also discoloring these components of your body. So see to it that the hair dye supplier uses the term “non-drip” somewhere in their product description.

The hair color should additionally be very easy to apply in your home without developing a great deal of mess.

Long-term or Semi-Permanent?

Currently the response depends entirely on your personal preferences. Semi-permanent blue black hair lasts for not greater than 15-20 hair shampoos. As for the permanent version, it remains for as lengthy as 8 entire weeks. And certainly, the latter is more fade-defying or fade-resistant.

Conditioners Built-In or Consisted Of

Most of the time, hair tinting sets consist of the color as well as conditioner. Occasionally both are mixed. And often, they’re 2 various items. Either way, ensure the conditioner is made using all-natural moisturizers like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and/or shea oil. Such ingredients add added luster as well as nourish your hair post-dyeing.

Regularly Asked Questions

Q. For How Long Does Blue Black Hair Dye Last?

The important things regarding long-term hair dyes you probably don’t recognize is that they are created by oxidation. This procedure entails oxidizers like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. These are normally integrated with the dyeing/coloring representative. But there are ammonia-free and also peroxide-free hair dyes too nowadays.

You must also understand that long-term colors don’t call for frequent applications. And also, they appear even more natural as well in contrast to other sorts of hair dyes. Which’s since chemicals in long-term hair colors often tend to be more powerful.

As for addressing the inquiry, how long does blue black hair color last? Around 6-8 weeks, when it comes to long-term hair shade. Semi-permanent, on the other hand, does not last for more than an optimum of 15 hair cleans.

Factors like sun direct exposure accelerate the fading of hair dyes simply incidentally.

Q. Exactly How to Preserve Blue Black Hair Dye for Longer?

Hair, when tinted, can begin to look completely dry and also unkempt. Yet that’s just if you don’t placed in added initiative as well as time to care for it. And by added, I mean cleaning your hair two times a week only. Bear in mind that more frequent cleaning opens the door to much faster fading of the shade.

Whenever you clean, see to it you’re making use of a shampoo and also conditioner especially produced for damaged or tinted hair. Just then can you anticipate correct nourishment as well as care. Speaking of conditioner, deep conditioning goes a long method when it involves taking care of colored hair. Take your head showers utilizing cool water as it secures hair nutrients and dampness.

As you currently know long-term hair tinting formulas are packed with hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. And these chemicals tend to damage or dry your hair follicles. So all the more factor for deep conditioning.

And finally, stay clear of a great deal of straight sun direct exposure. You can likewise apply hair products furnished with UV security.

Q. Should I Wash My Hair Prior to Dyeing It?

The solution is NO. Prevent washing your hair for a whole day before tinting. As well as right here’s why.

Your scalp and hair produce natural oils, right? And also these oils are really valuable in the feeling that they initiate much faster color absorption. At the exact same time, the all-natural oils prevent the chemicals existing in hair dyes from harming your scalp and hair. Such protection can be found in convenient especially when richer, darker shades are involved.

Q. What Duty Does My Natural Hair Color Play Throughout the Dyeing Refine?

No doubt, shade blending is tricky. Yet right here’s the guideline. The darker your natural hair shade, the darker the blue black or any other color hair color results. When it comes to light or blonde hair, you might need to go through some coloring phases for ensuring your dyed hair does not look unequal or discolored.

Q. Does Swimming Influence Colored Hair?

It goes without stating that swimming pool chlorine has an impact on colored hair. It dulls the sparkle of hair color. But this is something that you can protect against simply by using a swimming cap.

Another point you can do is damp your hair prior to entering the pool. This technique keeps chlorine from getting soaked up into your hair and minimizing the quantity of damage it causes.

Q. What About Warmth Designing Colored Hair?

What if you’re made use of to styling your hair really typically? Does that indicate you can not utilize your curling iron or hair straightener once you color your hair blue black? There’s no refuting that warmth carries out hair shade from the cuticles. As well as this paves the way for quicker fading. Yet you can make the warmth styling process less intrusive simply by using the right warm security hair styling products.


Every blue black hair dye I have actually reviewed does an outstanding task of making your hair appearance glossy and glossy. The colors are the perfect blend of blue and also black. And also a lot of them last for as lengthy as 8 whole weeks. They offer total grey hair coverage. And also included extra conditioners for beneficial, hydrating, and also protecting your freshly dyed hair.

Nearly every formula has some or various other component that keeps your hair from obtaining harmed as well as looking dull. Such as olive oil, shea oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc. Some hair colors are additionally furnished with pomegranate and royal jelly for adding sparkle and level of smoothness.

You can go ammonia-free also if you like. I mean there are plenty of ammonia-free options at hand here.

As for getting accessibility to details regarding hair dyes, I have actually discussed that too. So you have every reason to go blue black today!

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